Monday, September 29, 2008

Embracing Economic Collapse

I think its fucking great. I just read that the bail-out plan posed by Congress has been shot down, and I for one almost blew my load. I bet by tonight or by the end of the week, they'll have passed something which will bail out Wall Street, and save the country blah blah blah... but as for right now, I can be happy. Buying up the bad debt in this country is paramount to becoming socialists. Couldn't afford a 2 million dollar mcmansion but took out a mortgage you wouldn't be able to pay off anyway? Then FUCK YOU, welcome to the trailer park.

The people who are going to be hurt by this, or more importantly the only people that I give a shit about in this instance, are the middle class Americans who are going to see their 401 K's etc. raped by this. That reason alone should be enough to send those Wall Street cocksuckers to jail for life. Greed corrupts, and we all know that, but now we can actually see it. I am grinning from ear to ear just contemplating the clenched fisted anxiety and panic that the "upper crust" are feeling right now.

I say fuck em. Get together in groups, if you're retirement plans, or your hard earned money has been negatively effected by this, and go storm the Country Clubs. Burn them down, sink the boats at the yacht clubs, slash tires on Mercedes, throw dog shit at mansions, and when you see a guy walking down the street wearing shoes that are worth more than you make in two weeks, beat the ever living shit out of him and shove his shoes up his ass. Man it feels good to watch them cringe.

(I am in no way advocating violence, destruction of property or vandalism... If you feel the need to engage in such activities, enjoy prison.)

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